Sweets For Your Wedding

Ideas for weddings: A sweets buffet is a popular new trend for weddings. Gone are the days when the humble multicoloured Sugar Almond would do. An array of different sweets in the bride chosen colour such as pink seems to be all the rage. The problem is finding a sweet shop that sells a large enough range in wholesale quantities (and price) Luckily http://sweetsforu.co.uk stock a huge variety of sweets in lots of different colours.

Or your local sweet shop could order them for you at http://wholesalesweetsforu.co.uk

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Sweet Shop Childhood memories

I have fond Memories from when I was walking to school and going into the sweet shop, and when I had enough money buying two onces of my favourite sweets cherry Lips


I usually just had a penny to spend but in those days I could usually buy at least 2 Black Jacks!

There seem to be vey few Traditional sweet shops now or even the the vey convenient corner shop which sold everything like in the sitcom ‘Open all hours’

Luckily there are online sweet shops such as http://www.sweetsforu.co.uk where I  can buy all my favourite sweets
The old-fashioned sweet shops with a large window with all the jars of sweets on display seem very few and far between these days, probably due to high running costs and competition from supermarkets.

Of course there will always be a greater variety of different types of sweets on-line but you can still find a variety of sweets in shops and of course the good old-fashioned market stall.

 Shops can also buy on line at www.wholesalesweetsforu.co.uk

Sweets still available in sweet shops:

Midget gems, both the soft chewy variety and Lions hard midget gems, which are really yummy!quite adictive.

Jelly Babies great to eat the heads of first. Of course you must insist that the shop assistant gives you all boys! ‘ Dont worry about political correctness

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